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D15 September 12 04
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“…The vampire behind me mimics my own stride,

And I hear him breathe whenever he steps aside…

When the mark of his bite sinks into your skin,

doors will open wide that are soundless and green.

And the meadow’s edge glistens with my blood.

(...) My eyes, O night, protect beneath a fool’s hood.”

The poetic magic of the language of this poem, which simultaneously attests to the unique lyricism of Ingeborg Bachmann’s poetry on the whole, challenged the painter to create in parallel with the poem. Yet, beyond this challenge, the commonalities of linguistic imagery and visual language can also be discerned in each of the two artists’ works. Hence, the painter, like the poet, creates worlds in which real things and non-real things are playfully interwoven with one another..."

                                                              Prof. Dr. Brigitte Rieger-Jähner

                                                              Museum Director 

                                                              Opening Speech on 17 October 2004 on the         

                                                              occasion of the exhibition: FRANEK. The Vampire Behind

                                                              Festival Hall of the Museum Junge Kunst in Frankfurt/O.

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