"A place in Southern Peru, full of secrets, with strange phenomena and encounters - desert, sky, fields of graves, and gigantic drawings on the earth, absolutely straight lines that disappear into the horizon, birds and animal figures inscribed on the stony desert plain - triangles, rectangles, cosmological systems, images and signs that can only be seen and apprehended from the sky - the movement of the airplane, the circling of the single-engine propeller plane over the spirals, and the feeling of hovering with searching eyes - strivings between heaven and earth ..." 

FRANEK, Catalog "In den Zeichen" (In the Signs), Kunstfonds e.V. Bonn, 1982

W M Reiche F 2 416
W M Reiche F 1 416
W Maria Reiche654
W Hommage A M  Reiche  U A 107
W Nazca Nr 5 81 107