Ludwig Zerull LOVE and HATE

KUBUS Hannover 2011

..."The artist has always worked in series. And even if one considers her most recent series, as described above, which, as mentioned, take different approaches to painting, the artist herself might appear to resemble an exuberant spirit not unlike Ariel in Shakespeare’s Tempest. Indeed, tempests play a role in many of her pictures – and not only because she tends to go wandering by night along the embankment behind the house in Radegast an der Elbe or because she can’t get out of her studio door from time to time because the storm, the tempest, is even more powerful than the strength that she – when you see her and hear her and when she paints – so clearly possesses. Described in such a way, with an unmistakable hint of pathos, one is obliged to concede that the pictures of this artist require no explanation. Indeed the expressiveness of FRANEK’s pictures lies not in the identifiability and interpretability of individual passages but rather in the struggle of the painter with the picture and in the struggle of the colours (more so than the forms) in the painting with the artist. Even in the series confronting a gentlemanly dressed hare with a girl in several of the pictures things are not merely cute, but also menacing, evil and, at the very least, intensely erotic. FRANEK is a great artist because she has never shied away from figuration and yet has never unravelled the mystery either."

W Vokabularium Ausschnitt
Franek Bei  Artnetworx