My Very Personal Childhood


“... There is possibly nothing more frightening and uncanny about our personal histories as our mnemonics. We engrave something, so that it stays in our memory: we remember the things that never stop hurting.”

Dietmar Kamper: Zeichen als Narben. From the catalogue essay: “Elementarzeichen”, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein.1985, p. 163 

L  Sabinchen War  Img 0903
L  Derbruder  Img 0907  Kopie
L  Dervater  Img 0906
L  Mein Erstes  Schuljahr  Img 0913

"This dialogue from the publication, als die Soldaten Schäfer waren (when the soldiers were shepards) was written by FRANEK, who was literally born in that war...

Seventy years after it was over she raises the questions, “Is there a relationship between my childhood and my art?” All of these works are a cryptic commentary on my childhood..."

L  Pommerland Ist Abgebrannt  Img 0890
L  Chronika  Img 0910
W In Begleitung Dsc4430
W  Im  Sauseschritt  Img 0923
W  In  Begleitung  Ii  Img 0926
W  Crayfish  Img 0955
W  Verlorene  Posten  Img 0924