"Verzeichnis" 3/4 Zoll U-Matic- Kassette, Pal-System, 20 min.Schwarz-weiß, Ton - Eigenproduktion des NBK Berlin


Her research on Mayan glyphs gave FRANEK the impetus to expand her studies of ancient signs and occupy herself with signs from the early history of humankind. Once again she compiled information from the specialized literature and, in 1980, spent half a year listing signs on a 55-m long and 40-cm wide paper roll that later was preserved in a protective acrylic glass case with the dimensions 121 x 42 x 20 cm. This work, entitled VERZEICHNIS (Register) ...  Its external appearance is reminiscent of old rolls of script - like a movie.

VERZEICHNIS. 1981, U-Matic, Pal, 20 min. colour, sound. camera: Dieter Appelt text: Walter Aue & FRANEK speaker: Wolfgang Unterzaucher & FRANEK, cut: Denis Weiler.

Elisabeth Voigtländer: Zeichen. In: Heidelberger Kunstverein (Hg.) FRANEK Bergeversetzen, 2002, S.123 ff