born in Potsdam
studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Berlin with Fred Thieler (Master class student)
lives and works in Berlin and Radegast (Elbe River) 


1969First solo exhibit: Pels-Leusden Gallery, Berlin
1978-1979Maya Project (Mexico, Guatemala, Hoduras)
1980New York - Museum of the American Indian
1981-1982Berlin working fellowship, Nazca project: In den Zeichen (In The Signs) sponsored by Kunstfonds e.V. Bonn
1982Märkisches Museum in the city of Witten: Zeichen, Symbole, Bilder, Schriften (Signs, Symbols, Pictures, Scripts)
1983Übersee-Museum Bremen: In den Zeichen - In den Bildern (In the Signs - In the Pictures) Working residence at the Rosebud Reservation South Dakota, U.S.A., field research and representation of Sioux rituals
1984Fellowship from the State of Niedersachsen - Bleckede Castle
1986-1987Guest professorship at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
1987Sahara - Southern Cross - A Journal in Images
1987-1988Journey to China
1988Guarding the dykes on the Elbe river - The book Heisterbusch (Magpie Bush)
1989Africa - A workshop with Kenyan artists at the Nairobi Goethe Institute
1989-1990Resident Artist at the Djerassi Foundation, CA, USA John D. and Susan D. Diekman Fellowship in Visual Arts
1992Monotypes at the printing press of the Smith Anderson Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, USA
1993Guest professorship at the Hochschule der Künste, Bremen
1995Fellowship and exhibit at the Casa da Cultura, Santa Cruz, Madeira, Portugal
1996Work Cylce "The Green Flash"
1997New Mexico, USA, Auf Georgias Spuren (In Georgia´s Tracks)
1998Einfangendeswindes (Catching The Wind) - charcoal drawings
1999-2000Wall paintings: La Dame à la Licorne - Musée des Thermes et de l´Hôtel de Cluny, Paris
2001-2002Alaska. A fictional journey. Icedrawings, Photographs

Exhibition Project Moving Mountains Locations: Heidelberger Kunstverein (Germany), Märkisches Museum Witten (Germany), Goethe-Institut Los Angeles (USA). The extensive catalogue includes a CD-ROM with the doctorate thesis of Elisabeth Voigtländer about FRANEK´s work  

2003-2004Work Cycle "The Vampir Behind"
2005-2006Exhibition Projects: Childhood, Boys and Girls, Ringelpietz Locations: Museum Junge Kunst, Frankfurt/Oder, Budapest, Scope Miami, Schloss Neuhardenberg (Brandenburg)
2007Work Cycle LOVE and HATE
2008 Trauschauwem (watch who you trust) Exhibitions: Kunstkreis Hameln, KUBUS Hannover
2008-2009 Wallpaper Paintings - Paintings, Roll Paintings, Paravent
2009Artist in Residence at Fundación Valparaíso, Spain


The Book: FRANEK als die Soldaten Schäfer waren, nicolai Berlin 2015
W M Reiche F 1 416
W 1970 Mit Tochter Nina 612
Sofa 8

FRANEK lives in Radegast and Berlin

W Atelierbesuch 1989 419


1996 - 2001 Member of the Art Comitee of the Federal Government ("Kunstbeirat  der Bundesregierung für die Baumaßnahmen der Bundesregierung in Berlin)

1991 - 2006 Member of the Assembly of Artists in Düsseldorf 

1988 - 1993 Member of the Jury Kunstfonds e.V. Bonn

1986 - 2001 Member of  the Art Committee for the Collection of the German Federal Republic of  Germany, Ministery for Internal Affairs ("Bundesankaufskommission)

1984 - 1990 Member of the "International Association of Art" (iaa), Deputy of the Federal Republic of Germany  

1970 - 1992 Member of " Deutscher Künstlerbund, Chair of The Executive Commitee 1985 to   1991

1977 - 1980 Member of Art for Public Places 

1962 - 2010 Member of "Neue Gruppe München"  

·Member of numerous juries of competition: „Kunst im öffentlichen Raum“, Art for public places - in 1994 also as president of the competition: „Sieben Wände“, Universitätsklinikum Rudolf Virchow Berlin

Participation in competitions

„Art for Public Places“ wall of the school yard (80m length) in cooperation with children, 1981-1982

„Haus der Geschichte Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ - Museum of History of the German Federal Republic, Bonn 1989-1990

Shaping of walls in the Auguste-Viktoria-Hospital Berlin, 1992

„Übergänge“ the former Check Points, which were the first openings on November 9,1989 between East and West Berlin (1995-1996)


W 1983 Igbk Tagt In Bonn In Der Ausstellung Franek Foto Franz Fischer 551
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