Kunstverein Oberhausen - Schloss Oberhausen


Sieh dich nicht um

Reconnaissance Flights is an expression with a powerful significance and used here by FRANEK as this work’s guiding concept. Firstly it is a matter of recognition, which also implies awareness. Furthermore, everything associated with flying is a conceptual metaphor for an overview, synopsis, or summary that can be understood as a metaperspective. This notion leads us directly to the centre of FRANEK’s practice, which has always driven her to temporal depths and expansiveness. Whilst her early works emanated mostly from dreams – Einhorn und die Legenden der Liebenden (The unicorn and the legend of the lovers), Sehnsucht nach Einheit (Longing for oneness) and rotblaue Paradiese (red-blue paradises) – over the course of the years, her practice increasingly gave way to a research based curiosity, including investigations into archetypes, languages and myths of ancient cultures. Franek explains, “that it is in the other, the stranger, where everything else resides, and it is here where I discover feelings within."

...FRANEK’s works are distillations of image, sign language, the flow of colour and stream of consciousness.”

Lucie Schauer: Farbfluß und Gedankenstrom. From the catalogue: Erkennungsflüge, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein 1988