The Moving of a Sacrificial Site


... In her work The moving of a Sacrificial Site from the year 1983, FRANEK used the technique of rubbing...This technique, which has been used in both science and art, suited FRANEK in that in creating The Moving of a Sacrificial Site she was executing a documentation and integrating it into an artistic framework. The point of departure for the work is a sacrificial site on the Montaña de las cuatro puertas, the Mountain of the Four Gates, on Gran Canaria. The sacrificial site consists of a nearly round sacrificial conduit, carved into the stone, and indentations for sacrifices, as well as fragments of an inscription..."

Elisabeth Voigtländer

 Cuatro Puertas
 Cuatro Puertas
1983 The Moving of a Sacrificial Site
W 1983  Verlagerung Eines  Opferplatzes  Dach In  Sch öneberg Img093
1983 The Moving of a Sacrificial Site in Martin-Gropius Bau Berlin