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„...To put it in simple terms, the "idea" of the Ring is of man emancipating himself from the blind natural envirement whence he comes, gaining power over nature, only to finally succumb to her again"

(Theodor W. Adorno: Versuch über Wagner)

"...When FRANEK`s fascination with medieval epic traditions was aroused in 1991 after a period of residence in the USA, she pursued the history of their reception as late as Richard Wagner. Here it is first and foremost the themes, Wagner`s specific versions of the traditional myths, that fascinate the artist. Her interest is attracted not by the heroism of the heroes and gods or by the way they have been used for historical-political purposes, but rather by the fact that the characters form an integral part of their environment - usually the environment of primordial nature: the human being in his original context, before the advent of civilization, in harmony with the cosmos and nature...“ 

Johanna Werckmeister in catalogue: Ringplanet, Galerie Winkelmann, Düsseldorf 1993, ISBN 3-9803302-0-6