Eckhart Gillen u.a. FRANEK Jenseits des Schattens/ Beyond the Shadow, Werke/Works 1990 - 2020

pages: 272, ISBN: ISBN 978-3-95476-366-5

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Volume 2 of the Survey of FRANEK’s Profound Visual Universe
FRANEK’s paintings undertake a searching examination of the dialectics of art and life, work and creator. Personal recollections of her childhood during the Second World War, memories of travels to distant countries and foreign cultures, our Western society’s patterns of collective remembrance: FRANEK studies these different dimensions of her own history and translates them into art, overpainting photographs, collaging, and combining diverse media in a single piece. Over the decades, a monumental work has grown on the floor of her studio, where traces of countless creations have aggregated layer by layer, fromwhich she develops new images.