Jens Christian Jensen Legende Deutschland (Legend Germany)

Galerie Becker und Scherer Miltenberg, 1990

 Legende Deutschland  Galerie Scherer Miltenberg Img 1556
Legende Deutschland

Legende Deutschland (Legend Germany) - This cycle of works is not an attempt to depict sequences of action but rather to place recent events into the chronicle of German cultural history. Citations from the poem by Heinrich Heine, Germany, a Winter Tale, which are matched to the paintings, represent an analogous aspect of the work. Her own country is illuminated in emblematic fashion - like the shadow cast by an invisible source. "FRANEK paints events in Germany not merely as a provocative reflection on Twentieth Century German history. Rather, as she works, she has in mind today´s awareness of an interconnected world ..." 

Jens Christian Jensen, excerpt from the catalog "FRANEK Legende Deutschland", Wofgang Scherer Gallery, Miltenberg