Städtische Kunstsammlungen Salzgitter, 2010
pages: 81, ISBN: 978-3-940021-27-4

W Plotpoints Mg 1575
W 2010 Franek Plot Points Schloss Salder Img 1540

"Catherine Nichols: ...Looking at your pictures I had the impression that the individual elements – in particular the figures – provide moments of surprise, or “plot points” as it were, and that you were inviting the viewer to think the actual story into life … moments of surprise, in other words, that challenge us as viewers to tell a story otherwise only implied. Do you know what I mean?"

"Franek: The figures are isolated; it is not certain where they want to go. They act and you ask yourself if they’re following some kind of stage directions. What I find exciting is that one doesn’t really know, one doesn’t understand. It’s this incomprehension I’m playing with and not with a story as such. They’re ultimately incoherent scenes and it is left to the viewer to think about what might have happened beforehand and what could happen next, like in a rebus."

                                                       Catherine Nichols - FRANEK, a conversation (abstract)


Paintings of the Exhibitions: WALLPAPER PAINTINGS & LOVE AND HATE