"... FRANEK works primarilyin formal or thematic complexes of works. For instance, there is one series of canvases in various formats, produced from 1998 to 2000, that she has entiteld Eslebedieliebe (Longlivelove), assigning numbers to the individual canvases. With this name the artist makes a direct reference to a painting by the Surrealist Max Ernst, who had given a picture from the year 1923 the double name Eslebedieliebe oder Pays charmant (Longlivelove, or Pays charmant)...

..."Within the context Eslebedieliebe, the stories in one´s head play a primary role. When FRANEK depicts a pair of children taking a sunbath out in nature, hand in hand, one child facing us frontally, the other with its back to us, it stimulates our imagination. The same is true for all openly formulated pictorial signs such as the girl on the swing, ostentatiously  and androgynous and with a strong erotic aura..."

W Eslebedieliebe 1
W Eslebedieliebe Iii

 Wolfgang Zemter: Notes on a Never-ending Subject. Cat. Movingmountains KV Heidelberg 2002

W Eslebedieliebe Iv
W Eslebedieliebe Vi98