Unverstandene Vorkommnisse (Unusual Occurences)


“... The works on paper series, Unverstandene Vorkommnisse (Unusual Occurences) has also been created on relics. FRANEK utilized a misprinted wood engraving overlay, which she had in her studio as a scribble and painting pad. The result is a woven palimpsest of colour traces, signs and notations, which through her artistic intervention is distilled ambiguously. It is possible to decipher the poetry in the images and text, if the viewer is prepared to engage associatively.

Kloster Mariensee (excerpt) 

W Unverst Vork V 03
W Unverstandene Vorkommnisse X 01Tif
W Unverstandene Vorkommnisse Xiv
W Unvorstandene Vork 1 03