About my work


“My paintings are narrative associative fields – while I work, phantasms surprise me, which then melds with current affairs and pertaining to literature, film and theatre. Through various artistic techniques, available image material and fictional images, I transform these fields into a vast network, which is always in accordance with world events.

One never knows what will happen, and doesn’t need to understand the narrative for this - is there indeed a story?

What’s fascinating is exactly that one doesn’t understand. I play with incomprehension and not with a given history.

For me they are incoherent scenes and yet I do imagine what came before and what could await: fragments, which evoke associations – the world as a stage of unpredictable spectacle: gruesome and full of secrets and games.”

February 20, 2009 

W 1962 Marionetten Foto Erhard Wehrmann 537
W 1962 Marionetten Foto Erhard Wehrmann 539
W 1962 Handmarionette Goldsmith College London Foto Erhard Wehrmann 538
W 1962 Puppenspiel Erhard Wehrmann 608