Hans Gercke Bergeversetzen (Movingmountains)

Foreword in catalogue Bergeversetzen (Movingmountains)

"As a 'nomad between the continents', Sabine FRANEK-Koch has occupied herself for many years with the legends, myths, and forms of expression of non-European cultures, as well as with the art tradition of her own European roots. In the encounter with the foreign, within the force field of the same, the similar, and the diverse, she has found aspect of her own self and made them visible in a new way: The personal meets the transpersonal; the timeless reveals itself to be highly topical.

Her travels to far-away worlds, and to nearby worlds no less foreign, find their expresiion in texts, pictures, and signs, in a passionately expressive manner of painting that does not deny its origins in Informel, but reflects them in a very personal way, relating the autonomy of the picure with nameable contents and references to expeariences, with representational notations and narrative elements."

Exhibitions: Bergeversetzen (Movingmountains) - 2002 &  Bergeversetzen (Movingmountains) - 2003

W Heidelberger Kv567