The studio floor as an encoded catalogue of works

The marks of colour that are created on the floor during the process of painting are akin to a hard drive, recorded and secured like data.

I predominantly paint on the asphalt floor of my studio in Radegast, which has resulted in a monumental ‘floor work’ that has appeared over the course of 28 years: a tightly woven tapestry of colours.

Deposited layer upon layer, the sum of this artistic practice can be read as memory traces of countless paintings, in which time is frozen and saved in the flow of colour – an encoded memory engram. I photograph the studio floor in sections and utilise these prints on paper or canvas to create new works. They are then photographed afresh and these prints are also worked on further. The use of varying camera angles, with their distortions, spatial displacement and random perspectives; generates an increased depth of field of cosmic proportions. The intention is to draw the viewer into an apparent infinite visual space.


W  Atelier  Jan 2012  Img 0210